essential biography

Marco Ober attends at 19 the Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale of Saluzzo, where he graduates as a sound and recording engineer in 2005, and then the Master in Mastering course held by Marco Canavese in summer 2008.  From 2005 he is committed to music production, sound and music for film, and live sound.  In 2012 he founds artifact, a mobile recording studio and post-production facility.


He is part of the project Controfase.  He is following the Genesis tribute band Supper’s Ready as a FOH engineer – performing throughout Italy in 28 concerts to date – and the art-rock band Droptimes both in studio and live production.


In 2017 he works on the sound design, editing and mixing of the feature film Still Alive, directed by Reinhold Messner and Hans-Peter Stauber and presented at the 65th Trento Film Festival.

In 2015 through 2017 he is involved in the composition and arrangement of the pop/rock album Sparkles (TBA) and follows its production from recording to mixing.   In 2016 through 2017 he works on the arrangement and the production of the debut album of the metal band Chaos Factory (TBA).  In 2016 he records and post-produces OY (LP, 2017), the debut album of the jazz band Oyster, and Broken Anatomy (2017) for violin and electronics composed by the Dark Matter trio.

In 2015 he works on the production of Cántico Espiritual (2016) for SATB choir, strings and organ, composed by Cecilia Vettorazzi on the original text of St. John of the Cross and performed by the ensemble Nuova Accademia degli Addormentati.

In 2014 through 2015 he records, edits and mixes the hard rock band Contraband‘s album Strange Destiny (2015), the indie/art-rock band Droptimes‘ album Sounds of the Universe (2016) and follows the entire production of Quando passate a prendermi? (LP, 2015) by the jazz/funk/fusion ensemble Malaga Flo, and Freestanding (LP, 2015) by the indie rock band Pugaciov sulla Luna.

In 2013 and 2014, within the Nubes project, he works on the arrangement and mixing of the soundtracks of the award-winning documentary-film Dal profondo (2013), Heimat (2014) and Kunyang Chhish East – First Ascent (2014).

In spring 2012 he performs the recording of Musica ciclica (LP, 2013) by Italian composer Giovanni Albini; in summer 2012, he works on the production of A Single Moment of Life (LP, 2013) conceived by the jazz guitarist Pierpaolo Manca and performed by the trio Manca-Colpi-Milenkovic.

From 2012 he follows the Genesis tribute band Supper’s Ready as a front-of-house engineer, performing in Italian venues including Hiroshima Mon Amour (Turin), Teatro Carambolage, Pippo Stage, Rock’n’Roll Club (Bolzano), Club Il Giardino (Verona) and at the Genesis Day (Assisi).

In 2011 and 2012 he works at the highSCORE Festival (Pavia) as a recording engineer and production assistant, performing the live recording of the whole festival’s program, which presents contemporary music by composers coming from all over the world.

In 2011 he joins the electronic/experimental ensemble Controfase.  This formation published two albums: Rispettabili criminali e comuni mortali (2012) and Conflitti (2013).  Spin-offs of the project include ad hoc sound installations and live performances for “Ala Città di Velluto” in 2012, 2013, 2016 and 2017.  In the same year he starts working with organist Simone Vebber on the production of three recordings of organ works; he also records and post-produces Messa da Requiem (2012) by Iginio Dapreda, Italian composer of the XX century. In this year he starts working with the indie-rock band Droptimes both in studio and live production.

In summer 2010 he works on sound design and surround sound mixing for the animated short subject One Way by Francesco Siddi.

In 2010 he starts his co-operation with film director and music composer Federico Campana, working on the documentary-film Die Schwester meiner Freundin (2010) as a sound designer and mixing engineer.  Together they produce several soundtracks for film, including Ein ladinisches Wintermärchen (2010), Die Schwester meiner Freundin (2010), Die Fugger (2011) and other under the Nubes project.

From 2009 through 2015 he operated in 110 external sound services as a member of the sound engineering team of Centro Musica of Trento.

In 2007 and 2008 he works at the independent label DC Records, where he undertakes an intensive collaboration with arranger Gianmaria Flores, working on the production of many singles, EPs and LPs.

In 2006 he operates as a boom operator and post-production engineer in the pluri-awarded documentary-film Casa mia.  In 2007, he works as a production sound mixer on the set of the feature film Narciso, directed by Marcello and Dario Baldi, winner of the 62th Festival del Cinema di Salerno.

In 2006 and in 2009 he participates in two audio courses – Hard Disk Recording and Electronic Music Producing – as a teacher of sound theory, electro-acoustic theory, miking techniques, editing and mixing techniques, and Pro Tools concepts.

From 2006 to 2009 he works as a FOH engineer in three venues in the Province of Bolzano: Bunker, Pippo Stage, and UFO.

From 2005 to 2007 he works full-time at studioZEM, former recording studio based in Bolzano, as an editing and recording engineer.  He also records and edits two radio programmes for the Italian broadcasting network RAI, operates in a wide variety of musical productions, and assists to a number of external recordings.